13 Hour Clock

Ok so there's no such thing as a 13 hour clock. The idea came from Themonstermaze.com based on an original clock at the Haunted Mansion in DisneyWorld/Land. I use the clock as set decoration and conversation piece. This year it also served as a redirect for the guests attention.  Remember also that this is a fully functional clock so it could make a great addition at work among contemporary office furniture for a conversation starter.

Building the clock can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be. For the one shown, I opted for simple. The wood used for the clock is 3/4 inch pine hobby boards. The front of the clock is a cheap wood picture frame ($2.00) I picked up at Wal-mart. The measurements for the rest of the clock are figured from the picture frame. For the sides (S1 & S2) I used 3/4" 1X4, for the top and bottom I used 3/4" 1X6. The back is just 3/4" plywood with a 4"X4" hole cut into the center of the back about 2/3 from the bottom.

The face of the clock is also 3/4' Plywood cut in a 6 7/8" diameter circle with a 5/16" holed drilled through the center to accept the clock mechanism. As for putting it together, use screws or biscuits to attach the 4 sides to the back. Attach the unit to the top and bottom, then attach the face to the inside centering the hole in the face with the square cut out of the back. Don't worry about the screws showing, they'll be covered by the clock face.
The clock mechanism is available at all craft shops or Wal-mart for about $5.
The clock face can be downloaded here by simply "save target as" clockf.gif
I used Microsoft Publisher to make sure the image printed as a 6 7/8" diameter clock face. I cover the printed image with clear "Contact paper." Glue the clock face to the face.

Stain the clock to match the picture frame. Attach the picture from the the unit with small hinges. Insert clock mechanism and hands and you're done. Top with a rat for garnish. Total cost around $15.00

I am also working on a clock with an appearing skull inside using a two way mirror with lighting inside. The skull would replace the face, then have a two way mirror in front of it with a hole drilled through it for the clock hands. The clock face gif would be clear allowing the skull to show when the light behind the mirror is turned on. Stay tuned.