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Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare

Forgotten Prisoner1

This is one of the Props that Iíve wanted to build since I was a kid.  This year with our emphasis on the Original Aurora Monster Models, I get to do just that.  However, there is a caveat, I canít spend more than the cost of the model itself (not counting paint which didnít come with the model anyway.)  So we have to limit this build to $29.95, the current ebay price.   To this end, Iíll be reusing all the wood and Halloween props lying around. 

So, it was off to Loweís Home Improvement Center for some stuff I didn't have.  1 Sheet of 1/4 inch OSB, some furring strips 2 1x2x8 and 3 1x3x8, and some 3/4Ē Polystyrene panels 32 sq ft for the Faux Stone. 

The first thing was to build the backdrop.  I built this one 6.5 feet high and 3 feet wide.  The back is braced with 1/3 furring strips around the perimeter.  The top was cut freehand with a jigsaw.

The base is 1.5 by 3 ft.  OSB screwed to a 1x2 base.  The back wall is bolted to the base on each end with 1/2 ď bolts.  For added strength, I cut a 1 ft by 1 ft section of OSB then cut it diagonally.  I screwed these to the sides of the base and back using drywall screws.   I like using polystyrene for faus stones because it cheap and easy to use.  Many Haunters have differing method for created faux stone.  I use a sheetrock saw to cut the foam and Stanley sure form plane to bevel and distress the foam to make it look more realistic.


Forgotten Prisoner2

FP Tools

 For attaching the stones I use Liquid Nails.  This is great for foam as it doesnít melt the foam. I marked out the OSB and began cutting the stones.  After getting the shape you want bevel the edges with the Sure Form then distress the front by shaving down differing areas.  This creates a real mess so keep a vacuum cleaner near by  and donít forget to wear a dust mask while cutting and shaving the foam.  Apply a bead  of Liquid Nails on the back of the stone around the perimeter  and some in the middle.  When applying the stone to the board press firmer and move the ístoneí around to ensure total adhesion.   Keep working til all your stones are attached.  It took about 4 hours to complete the background.   Time to start mixing up the Monster Mud.  Monster Mud is nothing more than Joint (Drywall)  Compound and Latex Paint mixed in a 5:1 ratio.  Once it dries it can be painted  and sealed.  Besides the stone, we'll be using Monster Mud on the clothes to make them  set rigid  in place.


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