Dean of Instruction
 Gregor McCabre

Dept of Drama
 Felix Morlock


Creating realistic looking heads for your props is simpler than it looks and cheaper than buying them.

Costuming can sometimes be a real headache but we have some simple yet elegant solutions

Great Conversation piece to add some flair to your haunt. Inexpensive and easy to make and modify.

So how to create a standing prop with movable joints, no chicken wire, and stores in a small box?
Simple, build a Quik-Stik!

FX don't have to cost an arm and a leg, ingenuity is priceless.

The key to any successful haunt is lighting. blacklights, strobes, back lights and shadows.

Planning your haunt well in advance gives your actors some direction and makes prop selection easier

Always a crowd pleaser!

Creating the right look with a minimum of fuss is some of the best kept secrets in the FX business.

Things that go "Bump" in the night.

Things that go "Boo in the night".

Making weathered tombstones is really simple and cheap but having fun with the epitaph is priceless.

Somethings are not always what they appear to be.